Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mikey's First Scavenger Hunt

 We planned a trip to the Fine Art Museum.  In hindsight, this might not have been the best choice for the first scavenger hunt with a three year old.  My Mikey is can be temperamental, as can any three year old, and the day we went to the MFAH, Mikey put me and the museum docents through their paces.  

He did, however, find artwork to take pictures of for the scavenger hunt.  I think that was the only thing keeping him from scaling the walls that day.  

"Mikey, can you find a dog?"  This was perfect.  He had a mission that diverted him from the beaded vertical blinds covering the windows.  

Overall, we had fun.  Next time, we'll get out into nature!

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Keep in mind that these pictures are taken from the vantage point of a three year old!  :)

A Dog

A Red Flower

A Baby

A Circle

Green (a bug)

A Wild Animal
A Body

A Farm Animal

Mikey's Favorite Art

Lots of great art!  These were Mikey's favorites!  

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