Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chunky Lemon-Fig Preserves

I've been bragging a bit lately about the wonderful books that my mom got me for Christmas.  This is a recipe from another one, Southern Living: Little Jars, Big Flavors.  The recipe is Chunky Lemon-Fig Preserves.   

Figs, Meyer Lemons, Sugar

The combination is amazing, but I began to wonder about the fruit season.  I usually only can from what my family grows and the fig trees fruit in July whereas the lemons fruit in the winter.  Luckily, this July I froze bags and bags of fresh figs.  When I saw this recipe I was so glad that I did.  

Fresh figs hold a very dear spot in my heart.  I've been eating them fresh from the tree since I was a child, and the smell of a fig tree always makes me thing of my grandmother.  She had 2 big fig trees in her backyard, and when she moved, she made sure to have 2 planted at her new house.

The jars of Chunky Lemon-Fig Preserves in my pantry are some that I will hoard.  I usually share some of what I make, but sometimes later, in the off-seasons, I wish I had more of what I made.

Boil - Cool - Cover with wax paper - Chill

Boil - Skim

Skimming that foam!

My canning solution-Thanks SB Canning!

Chunky Lemon-Fig Preserves

L-Chunky Lemon-Fig Preserves
R-Meyer Lemon Marmalade

The resulting taste of the Lemon Fig Preserves were deep and rich.  Figs have such a complex flavor.  I just love them!!

I'll have to write up a whole other blog post on the canning solution for my glass top stove. 

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