Tuesday, December 10, 2013

3 Citrus Marmalade

Is there anything better than fresh citrus in January?  

 I am so fortunate to have a dad who is a Master Gardener.   
He has two satsuma trees, a naval orange and friends with a Rio Star grapefruit and a Meyer lemon!
The marmalade process takes time, but it is well worth it!!!

Bubble, Bubble, Boil and Double 

(As in the recipe, but actually, I wouldn't recommend it.  
I just couldn't think of anything else that rhymed with bubble that fit.)

The recipe that I adapted is Orange Lemon Grapefruit Marmalade on Food.com.

Here is how I adapted it:
3 Citrus Marmalade
5      oranges 
1      lemon 
1      grapefruit
6c    water
4-6c sugar


1.  Wash fruit well.

2.  Squeeze juice from fruit and pour into a large bowl

3.  Slice fruit into slivers about 1/8 of an inch wide

4.  Add peels to fruit juice

5.  Add water to peels and juice

6.  Keep in the refrigerator overnight (or 3-6 hours)

7.  Cook in a nonreacvitve pan for 30 minutes at medium.

8.  Add sugar and cook on high for 20-30 minutes.
     (Insert a candy thermometer to check that it reaches 218-220 F.)

9.  Check for thickening by placing a dollop on a plate that has been in the freezer.
Give it a minute, and if it wrinkles up when you touch it, it's ready!
If it runs around, let it run around in the pot longer!

10.  Process jars in hot water bath!

This time around, I used Naval oranges, Meyer lemons, and Rio Star grapefruit.


**I have, sometimes, used a box of No-Sugar Pectin towards the end.  I do this only if my marmalade is refusing to set up for me.  I use the No-Sugar Sure-Jell brand because I don't like to add the amount of sugar it takes for the regular kind.

So, keep a box handy, just in case!

**I love to use the picture directions at the Pick Your Own website.  They take you through the process from beginning to end!

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