Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mild Satsuma Orange Marmalade

Mild Satsuma Orange Marmalade

You may have learned this about me by now:  I love making jams and my dad has lots of citrus trees.  

This combo makes me a very busy girl in January and February.  

There is one particular satsuma tree that is the pride of the family.  No where...ever...have we tasted oranges sweeter.  

And yet, I have never canned them.  I guess they just never made it that far!

My dad likes the jams and marmalades, but he doesn't care for the bitterness that comes with more traditional marmalades.  So, I found a recipe that used his prized satsumas and adapted it to be not at all bitter.

I adapted a recipe I found over at Wright Eats for Satsuma Mandarin Orange Marmalade.

9-10 satsumas

peel and separate rides from fruit

Cut rinds into small strips

I only used about 1 cup of rinds.

Boil rinds in 2 cups of water

Juice of 1 lemon
(about 1/4 c)
I used Meyer Lemon.

Blend fruit and lemon juice
Yes, I am braving the hand blender again!

Citrusy Heaven
I picked out the seeds.

Pour the fruit juice mixture into the pot with the rinds.

Boil it up!

I didn't actually use all that sugar.
Only 3 cups, probably will use less next time.

Getting thicker!

220 degrees, please!

Put 2 little plates in the freezer when you get started.



All Ready!
I keep the No-Sugar Sure-Jell handy.
But I didn't need it this time!

Pour into sterilized jars and process!

All done!

This batch only made 4 half pint jars.  There was about 1/4 pint that I put into another container into the fridge.

Next year I will definitely make more.  It was super duper easy!!

Do you like your marmalade on the bitter side or with less bite?

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