Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ghee Sauteed Mushrooms

I'm only just learning the joys of cooking with ghee.  Honestly I didn't know what it was until a few months ago.  

I knew it existed, but usually when I read or heard 'ghee' I thought of the line from the TV show, Up All Night, when the mom asks, "Where do you keep you ghee?"  

"Mom, you know I don't have ghee. Nobody has ghee," the daughter answers. Ghee was something odd for comedic effect. 

I have since learned that ghee is clarified butter, which meant as much as 'ghee' when I read it. After researching a bit I learned that clarified butter is butterfat left over when the milk solids and water have been removed from butter. It doesn't spoil as fast and has a higher smoke point than butter. 

Ghee is great for sautéing.  Because of the higher smoke point it doesn't burn as fast as butter in a pan.  So making sautéed mushrooms in it was great. The mushroom didn't get as limp as usual. They kept a lot of their meaty texture, but browned and softened nicely. 

Sautéed Mushrooms

3 T ghee 
1 lb mushrooms
1 clove garlic 
½ tsp balsamic vinegar
celtic sea salt

1.  Gently melt ghee in skillet
2.  Using garlic press, squeeze clove into pan
3.  Add balsamic vinegar and combine
4.  Add mushrooms
5.  Sauté until soft and fragrant
6.  Celtic sea salt to taste

We used these mushrooms to top Pastured Beef Sliders along with raw mozzerella and homemade Garlic-Dill Mayo. Delish!!


  1. I just love mushroom cooked like this, Yumo.

  2. Right! I ended up using them on burgers and then in a soup. MMMMMM!