Friday, December 27, 2013

Spring Seed Order...I Think I Overdid It, Again.

Here's the run down on the seeds I ordered for my spring/summer planting.  There are a few in there that I got for fall, I just couldn't wait!

I ordered from Seeds of Change, Territorial, and Baker Creek. 

I always seem to dream big when planning out my gardens.  I think of all the yummy food and preserving possibilities, and then go wild!  Luckily I have friends that will take seedlings I start and cannot find room for.  Big smiles!

First, from Territorial I ordered, 

Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes

My boys loved these so much last summer.  They ate them straight off the vine!

Star of David Okra

I've never grown this variety, but they sound delicious.  Great sautéed or southern fried with corn meal. 

Early Jalapeño Pepper

This variety will produce under cooler conditions.  I'm curious if it will be as hot at traditional jalapeños.  We'll find out!!

Indigo Rose Tomato

I picked some of these up at a local farmer's market.  They were very tasty.  I'm interested in trying them out myself!  

From Seed of Change I ordered, 

Pioneer Shelling Peas

This is another variety I haven't yet tried.  It is supposed to produce in early spring.  This is good for me.  My sister and I were trying to figure out how to keep the fresh produce rolling in from our gardens all year long.  This should provide a nice dish that the kids will love.  It's also said to be good for preserving by freezing.  Better and Better!

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Yup... Here's where the dreams start to go nuts.  I'm planning on 2 varieties of watermelon this year.  I might have to plant this one at Dad's house.  My yard's a good size, but it's still a backyard.  At least Dad has an acre.  I thought my boys would love this one!

And finally, for the big order, 

I'll start with the tomatoes.  Sit down, this might take a while.  

Amish Paste Tomato

This year I am determined to master my pressure canner!  I want to can my own tomato sauce and paste to use throughout the year.  It will happen.  It must!!!

Fox Cherry

This is another cherry variety I've never grown before.  What sold me was the statement in the description that read, "The vining plants are very reliable;  even in years when the wilt kills about everything else, these seem to do great."  Sold!

German Pink Tomato

I had to.  My mouth started watering just LOOKING at this picture.  

Yeah.   Just like that.

Plus it is excellent for canning, freezing, slicing, and juicing.  Perfect!

Bonny Best

"One of the most respected canning varieties in America in the first half of the twentieth century."  Are you noticing a pattern?  Maybe I'm a sucker.  But, yeah...tomatoes.

Ozark Pink Tomato

These are just big and delicious.  I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but in Texas, summer meals have fresh sliced tomatoes on the table with a dash of salt.  Or not, either way is good.

Pink Elephant

This is another new one for me, but it is said to produce in abundance over a long season.  Sounds perfect for Texas!  I'll let you know how it does.

And the beans:

Calima Beans

There's a lady who USED to come to the farmer's market.  She made spicy garlic pickled green beans.  They were to die for!!!  I'm determined to grow and make my own.  It will happen.  You will see. 

I made some from store bought beans, and they were good, but I think in my mind it just isn't the same if I didn't grow it.

Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder)

More lovely beans.  My boys will eat green beans.  So good when fresh!!

Lincoln Garden Peas

Again, this is a new variety, but like I said, I'm trying to keep the produce rolling in all year.  I think it should be possible where we live in Texas.  I just have to find the right varieties to make this happen.  

Wando Garden Pea

I chose this variety of pea to try because it is said to be great for the South and can be planted later than other peas.  Also great frozen, so this is a plus!

Fengyuan Purple Eggplant

I love these eggplants.  They are so tender and have an excellent flavor.  They are amazing sautéed.  

Golden Bantam Corn

I love growing corn in the suburbs.  Our last house backed up against a pond with a walking trail.  It made me happy beyond measure to walk around the pond and see my corn poking up over the fence.  I wanted to tell everyone, "Look at my corn!!"  I didn't. But I wanted to.

Strawberry Popcorn 

I thought this one would be so much fun for the boys to grow!  

Titan Sunflower

I really wanted to try and make the boys a sunflower hut this summer.  We'll see how that goes.  If worse comes to worst, I can have a massive "Pinterest Fail" to post about!

Black Diamond Watermelon
This is the 'piece de resistance!"  My cousin, sister, and I are having a watermelon growing contest this summer.  My cousin has the advantage, as I have never grown watermelon, nor has my sister.  We all decided that Black Diamond was the way to go.  I hope I win!  (unlikely)

Well, these are the seeds I ordered.  I already have lots of herb seeds to plant, and our yummy tabasco pepper.  

Maybe I'll have some grass for the boys to play in when I'm done!

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  1. Excellent! I have the same problem. I have trimmed down to this list:
    Chinese red noodle bean
    Atomic red carrot
    Amarillo yellow carrot
    Lemon cucumber
    Parisan Pickling cucumber
    Boston pickling cucumber
    Lacinto kale
    blue de solaise leek
    Parris island cos melon
    Flashy butter oak lettuce
    Rich sweetness lettuce
    Oregon sugar pod peas
    Japanese minowase daikon radish
    Pink beauty radish
    Amsterdam prickly spinach
    Gray zucchini
    Purple tomatillo
    Dad’s sunset orange tomato
    Black icicle tomato
    Purple bumblebee cherry tomato

    emily basil
    german chamomile
    wild thyme
    vietnamese mint
    mammoth sunflower

    And that is just from Baker Creek. I think I will add a few more heirlooms from other catalogs. I really want to grow some amaranth or quinoa. But who knows, I have to make room. I do plan on selling some starts though to cover some expenses ;)

    I love this time of year. Full of hope and promise.