Monday, December 16, 2013

Soaking Adzuki Beans

"What?!  A post about soaking beans!  Just cover them with water.  Soaking beans is a no-brainer." Or so I thought.  

I'm learning a lot more intricacies about beans and how to prepare them than I ever knew before.  Different beans have different soaking times, and then there are add-ins, like whey or baking soda, to help your body digest the beans better.

I must say that I always rinsed my beans in a few changes of water, but I was never really 'looking' for stones as I always read I should.  Well, after this time, I will!!  I found a rock in the beans.  

I soaked the beans twice.  The first soaking I put a few tablespoons of whey to help break down the phytic acid.  I sound so scientific!  I'm only just learning about all of this, so hang with me.  

I was so proud of remembering to do this, that I called my sister to let her know.  Well, her response was, "Oh, Adzuki beans should be soaked with baking soda instead of whey."

Great.  I thought I was getting it.  

So, Round 2 of soaking with baking soda!

I'll figure all of this out.  

Any advice?

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