Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Little Walk Around the Garden

If you've seen the news, you'll know that Texas has seen major flooding lately!  My yard is well watered, but the lack of sun lately has had an effect on my spring/summer garden.  I'm just hoping that we'll see a bit more of it soon, and that my garden perks up!  :)


  1. We lived in West Texas for 4 years, and the ants about did me in... The weather too, the local expression you may know,,, If you dont like the weather stick around it will change in 10 or 20 minutes... LOL... We had 5 acres but could never get enough time in to grow anything. We now live in 1/10 of an acre housing lot,,, and have grown more food than we every did on acreage...We now have a block wall keeping out critters,,, Havent seen any large ants for a long time... I got tired trying to kill them with love, and bought the bullet... I think that I wiped them out... lol I blog at Blue Yonder Urban Farms...

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