Sunday, February 23, 2014

Strawberry Secrets~ Straws Attack

It's strawberry picking time in Texas!  

The first time we went to the local strawberry picking farm, my eldest son was only about 2 years old.  On a very large and prominent sign entering the fields are the words, "Please Pay for all you Pick" 

The trouble is, try telling a 2 year old, "No. Don't eat.  Just pick"  So when we had picked our buckets full, James' face was covered in red, red strawberry juice.  I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about coming back to weigh our goods and pay up.   

The grizzled man in overalls checking out the pickers took one look at James and asked him, "Did you eat any strawberries out there?"  James, covered in juice, looked solemnly up at him and answered, "No."  Then the man started to chuckle.  Whew.  Disaster diverted.  Apparently, the sign doesn't apply to hungry little boys!  

The only thing that dampened my joy about buckets and buckets of fresh picked strawberries, was the idea of hulling them with a paring knife

Until I learned a little strawberry secret!  

There is an easier way!  If you slide a straw through the bottom of the strawberry and push it up through the middle, the white hull, leaves, stem and all with push right off!

Clearly I needed to amuse myself while hulling hundreds of strawberries.  
Nothing like a little Jaws-action!

And there you have it!  I'm a big fan of finding an easier, more efficient, way of doing things, and this is one of my favorite tricks!

Next up, Scrumptious Strawberry Jam!

They sell corers specifically for strawberries!  Slicers too!

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