Friday, January 3, 2014

Mini Seed Starting Greenhouse Take 2 or "I have named him, Frankenstein."

As the second day unfolds of my greenhouse construction, I find that I'm learning a few things about myself in the process:

1.  I was never cut out to be an engineer or mathematician.  
2.  I love coming up with ways to figure out my problems.  
3.  My solutions don't always work.  If they do, it usually isn't pretty.  ;)  
4.  I have a pretty good attitude.  
5.  I love making things!!!

I was thinking, "How can I blog this?  It isn't perfect.  It doesn't look good.  There is NO WAY anyone is going to try and make this."  But all along, I was having fun.  Problems pop-up and I wiggle around them.  Things break or tear or just don't work out, and I find myself laughing about it.

Then I decided, maybe that's worth writing about.  My projects aren't perfect.  My pictures aren't polished.  My recipes don't always work out.  But through it all I am having the time of my life.  I am learning so much about myself and what I love and how I just don't care anymore if others think I'm odd or dippy for loving to do this sort of thing.  

Thanks for reading!  I have so much gratitude for all my friends who cheer me on through all my successes and many many mess ups!

P.S. I love the exclamation point. (!!)

I have named him, Frankenstein.  

As you may have read in "Take 1," my plan for the grommets didn't work out so great.  Zoop. Zoop.  The zip-ties went in and came out.


Zoop!  And then came the washers.  My sweet husband's idea.

Now I can zoop the zip-tie in and around, slide a washer on, and tighten it off.


And see!

Here's the thing though.  I'm finding now that the zip-ties weren't the best option!  Here's also where I shook my head and nodded at the same time!  Hahaha!  Shook my head that I didn't see this coming, and nodded at confirming my lack of engineering skills.

The zip-ties kept bending and breaking, which leads me to believe that they will also not weather too well.  The cold will probably make them brittle.  If Frankenstein is still up in the summer, the heat will also.  But, I'd made it this far, so I kept zip-tying.  I figure I'll use some twine as they break off.  :) 

Here's the backside of Frankie-baby.  

Here's the finished view.  So, you may be wondering what those white strips are... I figured Frankie already had his name, and being the un-engineer that I am, I had not planned out how the greenhouse would stay closed.  So, I used velcro.  

You may laugh.  I am!!  

I KNOW that the heat will melt that adhesive off in the summer, but I'll come up with a better solution by then...maybe.  

*Still proud that I thought not to wrap the legs in plastic!  

Here, I sunk Frankie into the ground.  I hammered a big stick into the soil to make the holes first.

Ta-Da!  My Frankenstein Mini Seed Starting Greenhouse!


  1. You are braver than me.

    I love your attitude - it might not work, but you go for it!