Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grain Free-GAPS Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

Because I love a challenge and will do just about anything for science, I'm testing 2 versions of a cookie recipe.

Mommypotomus shared a recipe for GAPS-Friendly Cholocoate Chip Cookies.  The recipe read that either coconut oil or butter could be used.  I read this as a challenge.  Which cookie would taste better?  I decided to try the coconut oil first.

The dough never really came together as I imagine cookie dough.  It was pretty crumbly.  Check out the coconut oil sheen on those chocolate chips!

I had to keep pressing and pressing to get the cookies to from a ball-ish shape.  I have to admit, I was beginning to have my doubts.  

I expected the cookies to spread a lot because the recipe said to place them 3 inches apart.  These cookies didn't spread at all.

Also, I only made 12 cookies and saved the rest of the dough.  The recipe said the dough could be refrigerated for 2 weeks.  I thought I'd try them again after chilling the dough, sometimes that makes a difference.

They look really good, though.  

Next, I made the recipe again with butter.  It was more dough-like, but VERY buttery.

The butter recipe did spread.  I was thankful for the 3 inches.  These crisped up along the edges and bottom the way I like.  Still, they were pretty buttery.  

I liked the crispy edges and bottom of the butter batter, but the flavor of the coconut oil.  I needed to find a way to split the difference.

Here are the two, side by side.   

And then I started thinking, "If I like the flavor of the coconut oil and the crisp of the butter, why not combine the two?"

I mixed the two sets of batter that I was planning on chilling and making later together.

This batter was ideal.  The cookies spread a teeny bit and got a nice brown and crisp on them. 

Finally, I lined the 3 cookies up and fed them to my family.  They are scientist at heart.

The results were varied.  Both boys LOVED #3, the coconut oil-butter batter mixture.  Ran couldn't get enough of #1, he loved the taste of the coconut and the uniqueness of the texture. I was with the boys.  The butter/coconut oil cookie was my favorite.

The cookies all tasted better the next day.  So, next time I think I'll make the batter with half coconut oil-half butter.

However, I think for an experiment's findings to be valid it must be tested at least 3 times.  I'd better get busy!  


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