Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Earthworms and Marmalade...Getting to Know You!

I used to have another blog, Two in the Nest, where I shared a lot of the same type things as I do here.  The main reason for the change was that my sister, Elaine, and I wanted to start making and sharing together.  

We have many common interests, but also areas where our focus is different.  I've done quite a bit of canning, where she has done a lot more fermenting.   

We both love gardening and growing our own food.  I live in the Gulf Coast area of Texas, whereas she lives in the Hill Country.  Our climates and soil vary greatly.  She has to grow in raised beds as the ground where she lives is pretty much rock.  Also she lives in a very rural area on the top of a hill, and I live in a suburban area.  We will be able to bring different aspect of growing, cooking, and general making to the blog.  What works in my area may be different for her, so we can share our different takes on what works for us.

We both love cooking healthy meals for our families.  Our focus in the kitchen is on real food that we grow ourselves or buy locally.  We read seed catalogs, cookbooks, and gardening manuals like romance novels!  Hahaha!

Anyway, I pointed out to her we needed to let folks know who's behind the post.  Sometimes we'll comment on each others' post and it looks like one gal talking to herself!    I suggested that we mark an E or an M at the bottom of the post as her name is Elaine, and mine is Margaret.  She laughed and said, "I can be the Earthworms, and you can be the Marmalade!"  We both started laughing!  When I chose the name for the blog I never noticed the initial letters matched our names, so now we really are Earthworms and Marmalade!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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