Monday, January 20, 2014

Adventures in Vermiculture Part 2

Suzanne Carter-Jackson/iStockphoto

Once the first tray in your worm factory has become established, you will find yourself ready to start a second tray.  The worms will move up from the bottom tray and leave all the wonderful compost castings for your garden!

Dad came over to help me start my second worm tray!

Here's the first tray...all full!
We even saw lots of baby worms.  That's a good sign!

Place the 2nd tray on top.

Put a layer of shredded paper.

Spread it out.

Add a layer of food scraps.

Here are some more tasty vittles!

Spread them around!

Add the Coconut Coir to help hold the moisture.

Add the pumice to aid digestion.

Another layer of shredded paper.

Don't just dump water on.  
Spread it around.

Dad opened the spigot to see how much liquid comes out.
Not a lot did, but he poured it back in.

Tray #2 all ready for worms!

Do worms gross you out?  
Are you going to try them?


  1. Wow! Congrats on your second tier! I have a worm bin I made out of Rubbermaid containers and have always wanted one like you have. Let us know how the second tier works and if they migrate up successfully!

  2. We did end up having worms move up. We've had a bit of an infestation since we moved. The garage, where we moved, had roaches (yuck). So we'll see how it goes. Hope we don't lose them.

  3. I would love to try them under my show rabbits hutches. I think these could be really beneficial to all my gardens. Would you recommend waiting till summer to start? They are not something I would want to keep up with in a tub, I was going to make frames to keep them under the hutches. Any advice welcome.

    Leah Lynch

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