Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bad Orange Take Down - Part 3 - Planting the NEW Orange Tree

Now that we have the tree all chopped down and hauled away, we are ready to plant the new orange tree!

Dad picked out a Washington navel orange tree.

Planting an Orange Tree

Step 1

Know your soil.

The type of hole you dig depends a lot on the type of soil you have.  Our soil is clay, clay, clay, sand and some gumbo. 

Step 2

Dig your hole.

Square hole + Round peg = Happy Tree

If i dig a round hole in my clay soil, it will act just like a clay pot.  

The roots could just go round and round until my tree is root bound.

So...I dug a square hole.  Now when the roots hit the side they will go straight on through instead of round and round.  (Logic?)

Step 3

Pull roots out of root ball and place in hole.

Step 4

Cover up with dirt that you dug out!

Step 5

Water it in and dream of next winter!

Can you smell the buds?

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