Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bad Orange Take Down - Part 1 - Tree Removal

I'm thinking about taking out that bad, bad orange tree out back!

We've been nursing a bad orange tree over here for about the last 5 years.
Bad Oranges!

Actually, nursing isn't the right word...Tolerating would be better.  
Big, Bad Orange Tree

This orange tree has been growing and thriving, but producing dry, hollow fruit.

Dad's tried many, many grafts, but none have taken.

Proof of Multiple Grafts!

So, we decided to take 'er down and put in a new orange tree!

And away we go!!

Chopping Down Your Bad Orange Tree

Step 1

Plan your attack.

Don't be taken in by new growth and young fruit!  
All signs of Treachery! 

Step 2

Clear out smaller branches with loping shears.

Step 3

Saw down that tree.

Stay tuned for what to do with all those branches!!

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